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Swansea Make Garry Monk Manager On Three Year Deal - RealGM Wiretap
Garry Monk has signed a three-year deal to stay on as Swansea's permanent manager.

Monk took over for Michael Laudrup in February and helped them avoid relegation.

"As a board of directors we carefully considered our next step because it was a very important decision for our football club … rt-Jersey/ ," said chairman Huw Jenkins.

"But having gone through that process we unanimously agreed that the timing was right for Garry to be offered the job on a permanent basis.

"As we look forward to our fourth season in the Premier League we all agreed that we needed to get back to basics and reinforce the principles that have brought us success in recent years.

"Garry represents all the strong values we hold so dearly as a football club and everyone is looking forward to working with him.

In last week's column, I outlined the contact that ComeOnBoro's sister site had had with a company called Crimeproofing Ltd. who were representing Leeds United with regard to copyright of the phrase 'Leeds United'.
Unbelievably, said company have been contacting various publications and attempting to ban them from using the offending phrase in their articles. Click here to read all about it.
This week, I am very pleased to report that we have had a successful resolution to this situation.
The editor of Leeds United FansOnline drafted a letter which was sent to the club and to their credit, they responded immediately and conceded that the approach was inappropriate and "over the top". The complete response has been reproduced here.
And with that … nn-Jersey/ , let's move on to the football.
The standout result of the weekend must be Oldham Athletic's fantastic win on Saturday. Stop laughing at the back please. It isn't right to mock the afflicted!! But yes, I do appreciate that it appears that even at this early stage of the season, Leeds are destined for another season outside of the top two flights. What a shame.
And it would appear that up here on Teesside, we are very much on the up with what is our first opening day win for eight years. We could have put much more than two past Spurs and it looks as though last season's goal-shyness has all but vanished. This can only bode well for the rest of the campaign.
It's too easy to get excited after one good win. After all, nothing is decided in the first week of the season but the feeling of optimism in the town is very evident and that can only help the team.
Is Europe a distinct possibility? If we can take points at Anfield next Saturday and see off Stoke City … ro-Jersey/ , then you have to say yes.
Gareth Southgate may well have 'arrived' as a manager now and the future is looking brighter than it has for some time. But it is, of course, very early days yet...
When the fixture list was announced back in June, the most obvious thing that was missing was a mid-week fixture in between the first two Saturdays of the season. This was a major disappointment as for many years, this fixture has been as much a part of the English football season as a scandal at St James' Park.
And as you are almost certainly well aware … ck-Jersey/ , the reason why there is no mid-week fixture this week is because we are being inflicted with one of those god-awful international schedules. Really, I ask you, what on earth is the point?
I cannot name one person within my circle of contacts who looks forward to or enjoys the international breaks and to scrap the first mid-week fixture in favour of an England bore-fest just beggars belief really.
I won't be following the England game at all. I have withdrawn my support of the national team as I cannot deal with the fact that we have an Italian managing us.
I find this situation preposterous, unacceptable and completely out of order. As Gareth Southgate said last season, the England team should be completely English … rm-Jersey/ , all the way down to the tea lady.
What is the point of international football if a country's representatives are from a different nation?
Oliver Hardy look-alike (and act-alike) Brian Barwick stated that Capello is a "winner with a capital W". Well, I think Barwick is a "wanker with a capital W" for making the appointment in the first place.
Until the time comes when Capello goes home to his tomatoes and Barwick (Hardy) steps down, I am pledging my allegiance to Scotland the Brave. I will be supporting them wholeheartedly all the way to the 2010 World Cup Finals.
Talking of foreign places, I've always wanted to go to a place called Megiddo. So in June, that's exactly what I did.
The original and real name of Megiddo is Armageddon and those of you who are familiar with the book of Revelations will know that it is where the battle that will signify the beginning of the end of the world is scheduled to begin. If you believe all that kind of stuff.
If you are familiar with The Omen films … or-Jersey/ , you will also know that The Seven Daggers of Megiddo are the only thing that can kill the Anti-Christ, so this place has always held a fascination for me.
So I hired a car and drove north for three hours from my Tel Aviv base and reached the turn off from the highway.This put me into the middle of nowhere. I got stopped by armed Israeli soldiers who wanted to know why I wanted to go to Megiddo.
"Well I just do." said I. "It's a very rock 'n' roll type of place."
They then proceeded to give me the twenty questions routine that I had got at the airport (see last week's column).
It took an awful lot of persuading but eventually they let me through and I drove, with some trepidation, into MegiddoArmegeddon.
The first part of the town is the archeological site, which they have been digging for years. Apparently … ic-Jersey/ , there are five layers of history on the site stretching right back to King Solomon's time.
Once past the site, you arriv.

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