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Men across the world have a wide spectrum of self-pleasuring beliefs and practices. In the United States Cheap Nicolas Hague Jersey , self-gratification has a slight tinge of taboo, which means that some people will readily lie about how often they engage in this favorite of personal pastimes. However, more men are realizing that good male organ care should include self-pleasuring, either with a partner or without. Are the taboos surrounding solo play finally vanishing?

Facts about self-pleasuring

Some men self-gratify so much that their primary worry becomes member chafing. Others employ solo play only rarely, and then feel swamped with guilt if anyone asks them about it. A recent study of self-pleasuring in the United States, sponsored by TENGA, found several surprising facts about how often men take matters into their own hands. Here are some of the most interesting findings.

1. When a group of people were asked what percentage of the male population uses self-pleasuring on a regular basis, they guessed it was around 84%. But the truth is much bigger: at least 95% of men pleasure themselves. That means that the vast majority of guys are enjoying their private time in a quite sensual way!

2. How often are they getting it on with solo play? The survey found that men are usually getting off about 15 times per month through self-pleasuring alone. That’s an average of once every other day. And the younger a man is, the more he’s doing it. Millennials do it 15 times per month, while Generation X does it 12 times, and Baby Boomers do it seven times a month.

3. Why do they do it? For most, relieving intimate tension was the top reason. Almost the same amount of men used it for physical pleasure or relaxation and stress relief. About a quarter of all men surveyed used self-pleasuring as a sleep aid.

4. About 13% of the men surveyed used self-gratification as a way to enhance their intimate performance with a partner. For most of them Cheap Erik Brannstrom Jersey , that might mean self-pleasuring before a hot date to ensure that if they do wind up in bed, they will be able to last longer. For others, that might mean they are using self-fondling to explore what feels good, so they can then explain what they need to their partner.

5. Sometimes solo play isn’t just about using the hands. Twenty percent of men in the United States own an intimate toy, and 58% say their self-exploration is improved when they throw that toy into the mix.

6. Self-pleasuring is increasingly a couples’ thing rather than a solo event. Twenty-five percent of Millennials have engaged in self-gratification with a partner over electronic means, such as video chat or phone. A whopping 95% of those who self-fondled with a partner called it a ‘very good’ or ‘excellent’ experience.

7. But on the other hand, some might find that self-pleasuring leads to a problem in their sensual lives. Twenty-one percent of individuals surveyed said that doing it on their own was more pleasurable than bedroom time with their partner.

8. And those taboos might still be in force. Roughly half of those surveyed lied about their self-pleasuring habits to others, citing embarrassment and fear of being judged. The average age of those who were most uncomfortable talking about it? Those who were 24 years old.

Self-pleasuring is obviously an important part of a man’s life. Proper technique can help prevent member chafing, and so can a top-notch manhood health crème (health professionals recommend Man 1 Man Oil, which is clinically proven mild and safe for skin). Those who want to fully enjoy self-pleasuring should look for a crème that includes certain nutrients, such as acetyl-L carnitine, which is known for relieving peripheral nerve damage that can result from rough handling. A crème should also have a high-end emollient as the base Cheap Nick Suzuki Jersey , such as Shea butter and vitamin E, to keep overworked skin smooth and supple.
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