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This Tata photon brand name

Best HRM Practices Best HRM Practices August 21 … cks+jersey , 2013 | Author: Vandana Dhawan | Posted in Careers
Human resource management is responsible to increase the efficiency of the workforce in order to achieve business goals of every organization. Best human resource management procedures mainly include occupation analysis, recruiting employees, training and development, dealing with employees, activity monitoring, and remuneration management. The ultimate goal of these procedures is to improve the productivity through best employee performances.

The strategies and methods that can be used for above activities can vary according to the nature of the business. Here are some methods to implement above HR practices effectively in any organization.

Occupation analysis – Different organizations have different job positions. Therefore, the management of any organization should have a clear understanding about their job positions. They should know the qualification levels, experience levels, training and development needs, ways of performance analysis of each job position. Knowing these facts are vital to assign correct person to the correct job and teach him the responsibilities and duties he has. Hiring experienced workers is the most suitable option available for firms that need short-term productivity increase. Then, they can cut costs relate to training and development, as well as performance evaluation

Employment – Selecting and recruiting suitable candidates for the job positions is called employment. There are many ways to find suitable people to fill job vacancies like job banks, job fair, vacancy advertisements and agents. Recently, recruiting online is another popular method used by many countries like India. They use social media networks like LinkedIn, Facebook as well as online job portals to recruit people successfully for their job vacancies.

Training and development (T&D) – The main objective of T&D is improving employee skills and use them to improve the business. Training and development can be done in two ways. First one is on-the-job training. The second one is training workshops and training camps. Companies use either internal trainers or external trainers to conduct trainings.

Employee affairs – People will perform well if their working environment is good. Developing a healthy working environment is a duty of human resource management. Proper communication channels, conflict resolution methodologies should be implemented for strong employee relations and happy employees.

Activity monitoring – It is always necessary to check whether the workers do their jobs correctly and work for organization success. This can be done through methods like critical Incident technique, Ranking Method, the checklist method and Forced Distribution method. There should be a mechanism to reward workers with higher performances.

Compensation management – Human resource management should provide monetary and non-monetary benefits to employees. It helps to motivate employees to achieve business goals. If the organization has an innovative business strategy, it should pay more than an organization which has cost control objectives.

Learn more about online hr in india. Stop by Vandana Dhawan’s site.

Tata photon plans

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Photon plus

This photon plus is one if the leading network for the accessing of the high speed broad band service. There are many internet plans in photon plus like prepaid unlimited plan, and prepaid tariff plan, prepaid broadband recharge even you can get the online recharge vouchers at online. This photon plus access the internet up to 3.1mbps speed. Get easy and quick recharge of the photon plus with online which is most secure and hassle free. Now you can get the photon plus prepaid device at the cost of Rs.2399- . You can select many recharge plans and it has best 3G, GSM and mobile connection in India.

Tata photon plus online recharge

It is very convenient to recharge the prepaid account through online. You can check the tata photon plans online recharge offers using mobikwik. Many of the websites provides recharge offers with different prices. You can enjoy the tata photon at affordable rates. Now recharge your tata photon with the online and there is no need to pay extra charges and there is no hidden costs. Through photon plus online recharge get 15% is additional free usage. You can do the easy recharge, data recharge in India at online. Now the tata photon plus online recharge is very cheap and attractive now. But the recharge schemes are having high price.

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